Explore the Beauty of Picturesque Quebec on Your Bikes – Best Cycling Paths

Quebec is a beautiful place located in Canada. This place is known for its natural beauty, unpolluted environment, golf courses, and cyclists. Every year thousands of people from different parts of the world visit this place for a great vacation.

Features of the city

The city has around 30 km of cross-country trails, which is ideal for cycling. Besides this, you can also enjoy riding on the downhill trails that is spread across 25 km. If you are beginner, then this place is an ideal option for you. Experienced cyclists can always test skills by cycling on different paths of this city.

Authorities here, organize annual festivals every year. This is done to attract tourists from different parts of the globe. Participants visit this place exclusively to participate on the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and Velirium Mountain Bike Festival.

The number of spectators to this place has shown an increasing trend. Races are well organized and viewers certainly would have good fun in watching the breathtaking and challenging matches that are held here.

Beginner’s lessons

Beginners basically are not experienced and thus need a safe and good space to learn cycling. You can choose a single track courses that basically goes down to the downhill trails. The views while cycling down are marvelous and will surely mesmerize you. There are different cycling tracks available for you.

Saint River Lawrence Countryside tracks

This track is quite well-known and allows the players to explore different interesting routes. One of them is Route Verte Region. While cycling down this path you get to see the magnificent view of the countryside of this place.

If you are one of those, who love to cycle on multipurpose racecourse then Corridor des Cheminots is a perfect place for you. Apart from cycling you can also enjoy inline skating here. There are lanes for pedestrians, wheel chair users, and others. In fact, it is a part of the Trans Canada Trail and Route Verte.

Viewers usually enjoy the following-

  1. Beautiful landscape of the Quebec city
  2. La Haute Saint Charles
  3. La Cite Limoilou

This path is also connected to the Domaine Maizertes and Corridor du Littoral.

Other adventures

While cycling in Quebec you can also choose to try the track of Corridor des Beauportois. It is a pathway that is linked to the Rue Clemenceau from the public campground. Once cyclist reaches this place, they can then head towards South and get connected to the du Littoral route.

Corridor La Riviere St. Charles

It is known to be a loop route that runs down to the Riviere St. Charles banks on both the sides. The start point is Samson Bridge on the East side, which then moves ahead to Marie de Incarnation Bridge, which is located on the north side. It also connects to the Scott Bridge on the South side.


The best way to explore the beauty of a country is through cycling. In Canada you don’t have to worry about anything as there are magnificent cycling tracks that will allow you to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place.

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