Five Tips for a Stress Free Road Trip

Road trips are a great idea for a cost effective family holiday or even for a group of friends wanting to spend some quality time together at the beach of camping. Until, of course, trouble strikes and the fun and light atmosphere that everybody was enjoying changes quickly. However, what if these were preventable?

  • More than just the destination, take a couple of minutes to learn about the weather along the way, the road conditions you can expect to encounter, along with planning some backup routes in the event of a road accident or closure.
    • As a side tip – Download your route data into your GPS or phone to work offline. This will come in very handy should you run out of cell reception.




  • The driver isn’t responsible for ensuring everybody has everything. A few days before the road trip, have all of the members to write a list of what they will be taking in the car with them, as opposed to packing away in the trunk. Add to it over the coming days until you are all ready to pack.
  • One thing which can quickly turn a good road trip bad is an empty stomach. Be sure to pack plenty of substantial food such as sandwiches and fruit, along with snack foods such as chips and lollies. Of course, be sure to pack a lot of water for everybody, along with a limited supply of juice and soft drinks.
  • Staying entertained is going to be the key to stopping arguments and problems. To prevent a horrible moment where nobody has battery power, look through the Groupon Coupons page for claire’s to make sure you have all the charging cables you need.
  • Finally, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the journey. Before you leave, research some of the towns or places you will be traveling through and plan stops at places with interesting landmarks or historical references. Even small five minute breaks to stretch your legs can help keep agitated passengers settled.

If you and your friends or family are looking for a cheap and easy way to enjoy a vacation, take these tips, get your friends in the car, drive safely, and enjoy!