Learn About Important Things before Planning a Trip to Japan

Japan, also known as the “Land of Rising Sun”, is one of the countries that have reached to the heights in the field of technology. This is one of the most visited tourist places in Asia because of its beautiful places, cafes, pachinko machines, friendly hosts, etc. However, you should know many things before visiting Japan and they are listed below.

Friendly Hosts

One of the important things to know before visiting this country is that manners matter a lot here. The hospitality that you will be offered with, in this country should be replied with a smile and a bow and “Thank you” in Japanese.

Table manners play a crucial role in this country. Every time you sit around your friends while having the food, you will be expected to say, “thank you for the food” or “let us start our food”, by joining both your hands. It is just like telling “Bon Appétit”, in French.

Once you complete your food, you will be thanking your host for showing such gratitude. Leaving behind food in your plate is considered as an insult for farmers here. Instead of facing the anger of chefs, hosts or waiters, always make sure to eat every rice grain on your plate.

Always greet the people whom you know or smile at you, with a bow and a smile on your face. Adding “hello” sometimes for people whom you are well acquainted with will help you maintain friendly attitude from your hosts.

Buying Stuffs from Stores

Remember that not all the shop owners can easily understand any other language except for Japanese. While buying anything from the nearby stores, you can always point your fingers towards any particular thing and ask about the price, instead of confusing both the shopkeeper and you, due to the communication problem.

If you find it difficult to communicate with the local people here, then you can always buy books, which will help you in learning the language or some lines used for basic communication.

Credit Cards can never win over the Cash

Japan is one of the countries where “cash and carry” has prevailed more than credit card acceptance. Before planning to go for shopping or purchasing something, convert your dollars to Japanese Yen to enjoy shopping to the fullest. Many convenience stores are installed with international ATMs to make it easier for the outsiders to draw money anytime of the day or night.

No one Accepts Tips Here

The local people here often consider tipping as a rude gesture. Manners, body language, the way you communicate, etc, will always be responded with “thank you and take care” note here. Hence, the local people never believe in accepting incentives for their good behaviour towards the visitors.

Japan – The Land of Quiet People

When you roam around on the sidewalks and streets, you will never find anyone shouting or speaking in high pitch voice. Unlike other countries, Japanese always speak in soft voice and also speak only when there is necessity to communicate. Remember that if everyone around you is silent, then it is better to be silent in local trains, buses, etc.

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