The Best Way to Travel the Country

Going on holiday should be relaxing and exciting. You should be able to control as much of your trip as possible without other people making decisions for you. That’s the ideal way to go on holiday. However, the reality is that you are often forced to deal with car hire companies, airlines, and hotels. These can be incredibly expensive as well as frustrating. When you have to rely on a bunch of different companies to handle your holiday, you lose a certain amount of freedom. That could lead you to feel like you’re out of control of your holiday. A campervan puts the control of your holiday back in your hands. Here is how a campervan will save you time and money and give you more control.

Hotel Costs

A hotel is going to be one of the biggest expenses of your holiday. You have to pay to stay there nightly, and there are certain check-in or check-out times. Having to check in or check out at certain times limits the amount of freedom and control you have over your holiday. You don’t get to choose when and where you go if you have a schedule imposed by someone else. With a campervan rental, you can control your holiday completely.

When you take a campervan on holiday, you don’t have to worry about checking in and checking out at certain times because you’ll be sleeping in your camper. All you need to do is find some place where you are allowed to park your campervan. Some campgrounds are more expensive than others, but the price is not going to be anywhere close to the price to stay in a hotel. Many different facilities allow you to park your campervan overnight, but if you do have to stay at a campground, you’ll still save a lot of money.

Airline Requirements

When you travel by air, you have to show up at the airport several hours before your scheduled flight. You have to go through layers and layers of security, and then try to board a crowded plane. In fact, airport security has gotten so convoluted that research finds flying is no longer the fastest way to travel. For many different locations, it is actually faster to travel by road than by air. Obviously, airplanes fly much faster than you could ever drive, but the amount of waiting around at the airport and the layover times actually makes driving a more efficient way to travel. When you are driving a campervan, you don’t even have to stop for rest stops unless you want to.

If you wanted, you could drive straight to your destination. Campervans with kitchenettes and bathrooms allow you to take care of everything you need without stopping the camper.

Going on holiday is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but if you are flying to your destination, you could find yourself out of control of your holiday. Driving a campervan gives you complete control of where you stay, when you get there, and what you do.