Traveler shall seek complete understanding over the rental agreement

People are visiting Chennai for entertainment and enjoy the beautiful relaxing places here. Chennai being one of the leading industrial and commercial centres of South Asia attracts a lot of foreigners from different countries. Tourisms are flourishing in Chennai keeping in view the number of places where travelers can enjoy and meet people from different cultures.

Travelers coming to Chennai for the purpose of enjoying their holidays shall review the rent agreement format before they shall pursue to live in the house they have chosen for staying in Chennai for short time period.

Legal agreement between travelers and landlord

There are certain elements in the legal contract which needs complete understanding between tenants (traveler in this case) to avoid any type of fraudulence from the landlord or the tenant. The format contains following key points for the convenience of the travelers are mentioned below:

  • Name of the tenant:

The tenant shall make sure to have included the name of the persons who will be living here in this house. The names are very important to include in this legal document.

  • Terms of the tenancy:

The terms shall include whether the tenant is looking for a short term leasing or short term rental agreement. The duration of the rental agreement usually runs from three to four months unless it’s renewed with the understanding establish with the landlord. The landlord and tenant can terminated the agreement with mutual understanding.

  • Rent

Rental payment has to be decided between the tenant and landlord keeping in view the agreement established between the two parties, it can be made monthly, quarterly or semi – annually seeking complete understanding between the two parties. The two parties can also include the terms of the payment method while established the agreement.

  • Deposits and fees

If the landlord is interested to have a sum of amount to be deposited in his account as guarantee from the tenant he or she shall mentioned this in the agreement established between the two parties.

  • Repair and maintenance

It’s important for both the parties to establish in the agreement who will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the house once the tenant can be allowed to occupy it. In the few cases, short term maintenance is carried out by tenant itself and long term repair and maintenance is done by land lord as establish in the agreement.