Various Document Requirements in Order to Visit Australia

If you intend to visit Australia then you must have valid travel documents along with your identity proof, passport etc. Besides passport, you must carry your other travel documents as well. In order to tour important destinations of Australia, you may browse through the websites like.

For Australian Citizens

If you are a citizen of Australia then you can enter Australia any number of times and you need not acquire any visa for that. However, in order to get immigration clearance, you need to produce following documents:

  • You must have valid passport or any other travel document to prove your nationality, which can also be passenger card duly completed in all respect.

  • If you are having dual nationality then you must hold your Australian passport to prove your nationality. Your entry and leaving dates must be mentioned in the passport.

For New Zealand Citizens

If you are a citizen of New Zealand then you will be automatically granted electronic visa, as soon as you enter Australia, provided you have necessary certificates to prove your status of health and meet the character requirement.

If you are interested to get special category of visa for entering into Australia then you need to produce following documents.

  • Your valid passport showing that you are citizen of New Zealand.


  • Incoming passenger card duly completed along with declaration about your health and character.

If you do not carry your passport, but some other travel document then you will not be given special visa when you arrive in Australia. In all such cases, you must apply for visa before visiting the country.

If any citizen of New Zealand having tuberculosis or he/she has been convicted for criminal offense then you cannot get special visa. If you happen to fall in such category then you must discuss your case at the immigration office of Australia before travelling to this country. You may be refused entry to Australia for not fulfilling such requirement.

Citizens of New Zealand can apply for other kind of visas or even citizenship of Australia based on various circumstances. In order to know all these details, you need to refer to the rulebook.

For Citizens of Other countries

People coming from other countries need to present the following documents in order to get immigration clearance.

  • Your passport or any other valid travel document


  • Valid Visa from the Australian Government
  • Completed document for character, health and incoming passenger card

If you are entering into Australia without any valid paper as mentioned above, then either you will be refused entry into the country or your entry may be delayed till you can prove your identity with the help of valid document.

For Armed Force members

There are list of countries from where armed force members travelling on duty are allowed to enter Australia without obtaining any prior visa provided they produce the following documents.

  • Military Identity Document or valid passport
  • Completed Incoming passenger card


  • Movement order

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