What to Do When You Are Sick of Sitting on the Same Beach

Many people tend to shy away from an active holiday. They favour a beach or resort destination, which promises rest and relaxation from the daily grind of busy life. It is true that a week on the beach can really recharge the batteries, but it can also be a bit boring. There are any other ways to get away from it all. An active holiday might be the perfect option for those tempted to return to the same hotel, same beach, and same holiday experience every time.


Planning an Active Holiday

These holidays are often adventurous and filled with, of course, activities. An active holiday can include anything from hiking, trekking, cycling, boating, or even kayaking. Many people like to combine these different modes of transportation as they travel from one place to another or explore a small corner of the world.

However, all of this moving requires some additional planning in the form of multiple sleeping locations and the arrangement of equipment and appropriate gear. There is also the logistics of how to transport luggage and possessions as you go. Also, being outside requires more preparation for weather, particularly when there is a possibility of inclement or extreme weather.

Luckily, only those familiar with a certain destination or very experienced in active, adventure, or outdoor travel will plan these trips independently. Most often, tour companies or guides will assist those interested in an active holiday in planning a route and all of the other logistics. Those interested can book cycling holidays online directly through companies that provide such tours or itineraries. It is always best to look for a company that specialises in the type of activity you want to do and do not hesitate to accept the extra services offered such as transport of luggage or extra equipment, as these offerings can really improve you trip.

Benefits of an Active Holiday

Many people imagine that an active holiday is stressful, physically and mentally. However, it is frequently just the opposite. Walking or cycling holidays can be just as rejuvenating and recharging as days on the beach. The physical activity allows a lot of alone time to reflect on recent events, stresses in your everyday life, and personal issues without being caught up in the moment of those events.


As well, an active holiday can leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the next task at hand. Physical activity increases the level of serotonin in your system and a few days spent building up those hormone levels can make you feel great. Plus, as you return to your daily life, it will be with more self-confidence and energy from all the exercise and fresh air.

It is through these adventures that we can connect with nature. There is nothing as soothing or enlightening as staring down the open road or across an open field, especially when there are no other humans or vehicles in sight except your travel companions. Mother nature has created quite the spectacle when we take the time to appreciate it. Typically, active holidays involve more rustic accommodations, or even camping, and this lessens the environmental impact and allows participants to spend more time amongst the great outdoors.